Bicycle Accidents

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bicycle accident attorney new yorkSimilar to a motor vehicle accident, bicycle accidents can result in serious personal injury. In the event that there is an accident or a crash, cyclists are not provided with adequate safety. Because bicycle use is rapidly growing for transportation and leisure, accidents and crashes are also increasing.

There are two common forms of a bicycle accident: (1) the cyclist being hit by a motor vehicle, and (2) the roadways has a defect or hazard that caused the accident. Although the first scenario is more common, the roadway conditions can pose risk equally damaging to the cyclist.

Regardless of the how the accident occurred, it is usually the result of someone else’s negligence. Most commonly, negligence can be found in either the motorist, the cyclist, the government entity responsible for the road maintenance, or some combination of these. If the negligence is caused by a motorist or entity, the cyclist has a legal right to be compensated for their injuries.

If involved in a bicycle accident, it is important to get a police report. Even minor injuries, sometimes later develop into something more serious or permanent. Likewise, it is important to seek prompt medical attention for the treatment of any injuries. This will help documenting the injuries and the extent of the injury. It may even be helpful to take pictures.

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