Personal Injury Litigation

Barton L. Slavin’s litigation practice focuses on representation of individuals that have been injured by the negligent acts, medical malfeasance, breach of contract and torts of others. The personal injury aspect of the practice includes the representation of individuals who have been seriously injured through the negligence of others in automobile, slip and fall, construction, elevator, dog bite and other tort matters.


Slavin & Slavin is more than just awards, service and accolades. We are involved with people because we firmly believe that innocent victims of injuries deserve compensation and strong representation against the insurance companies. Using our decades of experience, we work to help people like you get justice and to take steps to restore your life. Don’t try to recover damages on your own. Your bicycle or car may have been severely damaged, and more importantly, you may have physical injuries that haven’t yet become apparent.


We provide free consultation and work on a contingency, which means there are no upfront costs to you and there is no fee to you until we recover money for you or win your case. Insurance companies never have accident victims’ interests at heart, even though they might tell you that they care. Insurance companies are more interested in the amounts they pay to injured people than they are in helping you get what you deserve for your injuries. We are experienced personal injury lawyers who know how to deal with the insurance companies. We have the knowledge and the strength to make sure that the insurance companies treat you fairly.


We conduct a detailed analysis of all cases and assist the Client in understanding the legal issues that are involved in their matter. Additionally, we make sure that the Client understands the nature of the damages that can be recovered in the Courts.


Over the years we have developed close working relationships with many experts (engineering, construction, accident reconstruction, medical experts) who assist in the evaluation and litigation of these matters.

Bicycle Injury Litigation

Barton Slavin has been an advocate for injured cyclists for over 25 years, is a supporter of Transportation Alternatives, has written articles related to bicycling litigation and liability issues, has provided countless hours of free advice to the Cycling Community related to red/yellow light tickets, personal injury, insurance coverage, workers compensation coverage and property damage claims in Small Claims Courts.


Riding a bicycle in the metropolitan area is an adventure unique to this area. Barton grew up in the Marine Park area of Brooklyn and attended Law School in Brooklyn Heights, commuting from Park Slope. He understands the responsibility of both the cyclist and the driver who may be involved in an accident.


Other attorneys say that they understand the perspective of a cyclist. Barton Slavin, having commuted for over 10 years, understands and, having experienced a couple of times being “doored,” will strongly represent your point of view. Please take a look at our Bicycle Related web page.

Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation is the process of taking legal action regarding business transactions. Slavin & Slavin is affiliated with other Attorneys who have worked as business Attorneys for large corporations, including American Express, Airlines and Airport Transfer Companies and Major Banking Institutions. One of the Attorneys has a Masters in Bankruptcy and Corporate Taxation. A business litigation lawyer is often consulted for legal representation and to help settle a dispute. Commercial litigation attorneys do not always specialize in every area of business law, so it is important to seek counsel from a lawyer who has experience dealing with a specific situation, and Slavin & Slavin can refer you to the right attorney.


There are many aspects of business that are governed by commercial law, including advertising, marketing, banking, bankruptcy, contracts, collections, marketing, securities and trade. The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) is the main authority that governs commercial transactions and is applied by commercial litigation attorneys in business litigation. This includes sales of goods, leases, negotiable instruments, bank deposits and collections. The business litigation lawyer must also understand that many of the federal laws related to commercial business transactions are codified in title 15 of the U.S. Code. Additionally, there are a number of other laws that govern business transactions, such as federal law in the form of statutes that regulate areas like banking, bankruptcy and debt collection.

Residential Real Estate

Real Estate and Investment Practice

Our real estate practice includes the representation of purchasers and sellers of condominiums, cooperative corporation apartments and private residential and vacation homes.


We will protect your financial interests in one of the most significant investments you will make during your lifetime. We welcome your telephone inquiries concerning our representation of you, so that you may learn more about the process, and how you can be guided through the process from inspections before the contract, the contract process, and the mortgage process – all leading to the closing of title.


Our representation does not end at the Closing. If you are a Seller, we can assist with post-closing issues, negotiate for time for you to remain in the house after the closing so that you have the funds from closing to purchase another residence, provide Escrow services to make sure that your funds are “clear” for the next purchase or other investment, provide a Will or Trust to protect your assets from Medicare and, as needed, arrange a consultation with a tax expert. If you are a Purchaser, we can assist with a referral to a Property Tax Reduction Attorney (certiorari reductions), clear up post-closing violations and zoning issues, review contracts for construction and building modifications and provide Will or Trust to protect your assets.


Further, having represented Buyers and Sellers in hundreds of residential transactions, having worked as a Closer for a Title Company, been appointed by various Judges to serve as a Court Appointed Referee concerning the Foreclosure of Property, he completely understands the details of a Real Estate, Cooperative or Condominium Transaction. Barton Slavin works with other attorneys who are familiar with “short sales” and other foreclosure related matters.