Construction Site Accidents

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Although generally not thought of as a dangerous job, construction sites can be very dangerous when they are not properly controlled. New York law requires that construction sites be maintained free of unreasonable dangers. If there is a failure to follow the required precautions and practices, construction accident injuries involving both workers and pedestrians could be the result. It is the responsibility of the construction site owner or general contractor to keep the construction site safe and danger-free. 

Nevertheless, there are numerous construction workers that are involved in accidents, such as falls from ladders, scaffoldings or other significant heights. Some are caused by a walkway obstruction, others can occur as a result of faulty machinery, crane accidents or trench collapses. These accidents can lead to serious injuries, such as complex bone fractures, severe neck and back injuries, and even death.

A common type of construction injury occurs when debris or other hazardous material standard is violated, causing a worker to trip and fall, or slip and fall. Additionally, New York requires that scaffold and ladder construction workers receive an elevated level of protection. Some of which include, safety harnesses, spotters or bracing for ladders. Should there be a construction site where the safety codes are violated or disregarded, it can create an unreasonable risk resulting in serious injury.

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